👋 Hi there!

My name is Gina Häußge, but I also answer to my nickname foosel. I’m a software engineer by trade and a nerd by choice, born, raised and also living in Germany, close to Frankfurt. I’m probably best known for being the creator and maintainer of OctoPrint, a web interface and print server for 3d printers.

I know that a lot of people wonder how to pronounce my name, so let’s get this out of the way first. Here’s the IPA transcript: [dʒiːna hɔʏsɡə]. And since I’m aware that that was probably too nerdy, here’s a recording of me saying it:

As you might have noticed, even though it may seem like it (and confuses a lot of people), no, that “ß” there is in fact not even remotely related to a B but is rather pronounced like a very sharp s – it’s called an Eszett and has a quite interesting backstory.

I went to the Technical University of Darmstadt, from which I graduated with a diploma in computer science1 in 2007. I was a software architect/IT consultant for a large corporation for a couple years, but since 2014 I’ve been working full time on my Open Source project OctoPrint which I created back in late 2012. And since 2016 now I’ve actually been in the awesome situation to see my work get funded 100% by the community – if you happen to be a fan of my work on OctoPrint and want to help fund it as well, please take a look here.

In my spare time I love playing (and sometimes streaming) video games2, binging various tv shows3, cooking & baking4 and tinkering with electronics. Sometimes I even find the time to use my various 3d printers. And I also try to improve my photography skills, try to get better at rock climbing at the boulder gym, go to the movies, or play board games or p&p rpgs with friends.

Thanks to my open source work I’ve had quite a number of opportunities to hold talks, give interviews or take part in streams and podcasts. You can find a growing collection of these here.

  1. I took a special interest in software engineering and decided on psychology as my minor field of study. ↩︎

  2. Some favourites include Mass Effect, XCOM, Subnautica, Zelda and Monkey Island. ↩︎

  3. The Expanse is one of my recent favourites. ↩︎

  4. I got into baking bread around early 2019 and actually found less time for it during the pandemic, go figure. ↩︎