My workplace - three monitors, desk, chair, keyboard, mouse, trackball

My workplace setup

I’ve been working full time from my home office since mid-2014 now. At the time of writing this post this is nearing 7 years. Naturally, considering how much time I spend there, I’ve also spent a lot of thought and money on making sure my workplace helps to keep the usual side effects of the mostly sedentary lifestyle of a developer at bay. Over the years I’ve had some run ins with RSI and backpain....

March 13, 2021 · 7 min
The autumn sun seen through some trees, with the bottom covered in leaves

Hello World!

It’s been a couple years since I last tried to maintain a blog. Back then I was still living life as a corporate drone, employed as a Software Architect to consult other people on their IT problems. I rarely had anything I could blog about – either things were under NDA, or they were simply uninteresting. Since then my life has been turned completely on its head. In late 2012 I got myself a 3d printer, spent my Christmas break to develop a small web interface for it, that grew into a full sized Open Source project called OctoPrint and these days I work full time on it....

March 12, 2021 · 2 min