My Steamdeck in the day I got it, still in its case, all shiny and new.

(Almost) one year with the Steamdeck

When Valve announced the Steamdeck back in summer of 2021, I was immediately sold. At that point my primary gaming device - despite owning a quite capable PC with enough computing and graphics power to run even the latest AAA games at a decent enough quality - was my Nintendo Switch, simply because I was not particularly happy about spending my after hours in front of the same PC that I already spend my working hours on....

February 26, 2023 · 5 min
Colorful custom action buttons on the right side of a SteamDeck held up to the camera

Custom SteamDeck Buttons

Update from 2023-02-02 To answer the most common question I’ve gotten after publishing this right away: No, I do not plan on selling these. This is something I did for fun and out of love, I’m not interested in making money off of it, and I frankly already have my hands full enough as is without adding a custom button business to the mix as well. I’ve provided this write-up to give you an idea of how to do it yourself, and I hope you’ll enjoy it....

January 19, 2023 · Updated February 14, 2024 · 13 min