How to monitor network traffic on my USG via Wireshark

I’m currently trying to figure out some internal network issues1 and for that need to monitor the traffic of a specific device on my network. I’m using a Unifi USG as my router (behind the ISP’s Fritzbox that I consider hostile since it’s not mine). I found this post on reddit that explains how to capture traffic on the USG via tcpdump and send it through the SSH session to Wireshark on my laptop:...

August 28, 2023 · 2 min
My networking dashboard in Grafana with speed and latency monitoring

Homelab uplink monitoring

For a bit more than two years now I’ve been closely monitoring my network uplink. In the past I had a ton of issues with up- or download speeds not being what I paid for, packet loss issues and outright full blown outages. In order to put myself into a better position when reaching out to the ISP’s support hotline I figured it would be good to be able to proof not only the existence of these issues but to also be able to determine the exact times they happened at and also to verify and show that in fact it was only external connections that were suffering and it was not an issue with my own internal network....

March 28, 2021 · Updated March 31, 2021 · 7 min