On the Go Godot Jam 4 Discord I just saw some people having issues with how to get HTML5 exports from Godot 4 to work on itch.io, and since I just had to do this for my own game submission to the jam as well I decided to jot my steps down here (and on the Discord too) as it seems to be a bit of a pain for people.

  1. First of all export your game using the “Web” export template

    The export dialog of the Godot Engine 4 editor with the Web export template selected

  2. Navigate to your export folder, make sure to rename your .html file to index.html

  3. Zip all of it up, with all the files right within the root of the zip file

    The contents of the created zip file, the html file has been renamed to index.html, all files are in the zip’s root

  4. Upload to itch, make sure to check “This file will be played in the browser”

    itch.io’s upload dialog, the mentioned option is checked next to the zip upload

  5. Scroll down to “Embed Options” and make sure “SharedArrayBuffer support” is checked

    The mentioned embed options, “Shared Array Buffer support” is checked